New Vistas Tours - European Guided Tours Consultants

New Vistas Tours - European Guided Tours Consultants

New Vistas Tours - European Guided Tours Consultants New Vistas Tours - European Guided Tours Consultants

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About Us - Guided European Tours Consultants


We Aim for the Film-Set Locations...

Our overall approach is to create an itinerary where every detail brings something of value to the tour. We avoid the mediocre and aim to construct a seamless sequence of experiences that combine to provide a unique programme. We always approach an itinerary from a wholistic point-of-view.


Experienced Guides...

Guiding isn't just a case of knowing a tour and imparting relevant commentary and information, it's also about proficiently handling the everyday requirements of keeping a tour running smoothly and dealing with any issues that may arise in an effective manner. Our clients often request a specific guide with whom they have been touring for some time.


Our Service...

We are Tour Consultants - designing Guided European Tours. Our methodology is to work directly with Tour Organisers to create an itinerary, using our valuable 'on-the-ground' experience to hone and refine all aspects of the proposed idea. We include guiding services and work with established, reputable contacts to complete the booking process.

Customer Reviews

Happy travellers...

You can consult some reviews on our Facebook page, but here are some examples of recent feedback:

"Absolutely, I recommend this tour company! New Vistas Tours is an  amazing company that ensures their tour groups enjoy a wonderful trip!  Gavin Bade was our tour guide to the beautiful Tuscany countryside, Rome, and the Amalfi coast in November 2019! Every detail was taken into consideration! Our group consisted of 23 individuals from different  locations and a wonderful time was had by all!" L.R - Tennessee, USA

“I have been on five tours in western Europe (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal) with the same New Vistas tour guide. He was amazing. He not only spoke all the relevant languages fluently, but also knew the history, sights, food, restaurants, hotels, customs, and gardens of these countries. The tours were made up of a marvellous mixture of these things. The guide also worked diligently to make sure every person on the tour was comfortable and happy. And whenever the unexpected happened, he stayed calm and handled it such that the quality of the tour was never diminished. I highly recommend New Vista Tours. Five stars.” N.M – USA

“Destinations with imagination.” L.P - USA

“Great company. Very knowledgeable, multi-lingual guide, very organized and professional. They know the best sites in Europe. Highly recommend this company.” J.B - USA


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Special Requests Available

For small group tours, we can customize an itinerary to emphasize your interests. If you have a special request, send us a message, and we will get back to you with the minimum delay.

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